15 fully co-ordinated outfits, plus a cashmere coat. 46 individual garments that a man should always have to hand. A total style solution that the client can depend on for any situation, in every environment.

Thirty years in men’s design and tailoring has given the Spencer Hart team the expertise to distil the traditional tailoring process to an essential ‘science of style’, and deliver it in three simple steps:

1. Consultation

By the time we first meet a client, whether in their home or in our showroom, we’ve already begun to understand their taste and individuality. We translate this into fabrics and samples, used for measuring and fitting, and also as specific discussion points. From this, we gain deeper insights into the lifestyle, personality and environment we will be tailoring for.

2. Creation

Our consultation will lead to a unique and comprehensive proposal: your wardrobe, on paper. Once the client is completely satisfied with this blueprint, we begin the ten-week process of creating the wardrobe. During this process, our communication with you is tailored to your requirements.

3. Completion

Once the wardrobe is complete, we arrange a final meeting to ensure the perfect fit. Any alterations are overseen by us, and all 46 numbered garments are delivered in 15 ready-to-hang outfits, complete with The Wardrobe by Spencer Hart book – a guide to ensure the client gets the very most out of their wardrobe.